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Hangzhou Biogen Hygiene Co., Ltd.
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Zhejiang, China
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  • Biokleen is a global leader in design, manufacture of Wet Wipes & Dry Wipes in Asia.


    We have developed a sound reputation for creating innovative wet wipes solutions for Baby/Cosmetic/Home Clean Brands and Health care,drugstores sectors.


    Specialty: Baby care ,Skin care, Home Clean &  Surface Disinfecting products;


    I. Daily Consumer Product Division:


    Focus on baby care and facial care with quality/innovative wipes solutions.

    - Purest Water Wipes Baby

    - 100% Bamboo Fabric Wet Wipes

    - Deep Cleaning Facial wipes

    *Main products made of natural ingredients and more safe for babys delicate skin, bring gentle & smoothing care for your skin.


    II. Medical/Healthcare Division:


    We are also committed to the medical human wipes industry, to meet surface cleaning and disinfecting needs for wet wipes

    - Surface Wipes

    - Hand Wipes

    - Adult wipes&washcloths

    -CPAP Mask Wipes


    Welcome to reach us for wet wipes solutions with integrated experience and latest technology!